Dock Lines

Dock lines, Anchor lines and Running Rigging.

Buccaneer Dock Lines are available in both Double Braided Nylon and 3-Strand Twisted Nylon. The dock lines are made with nylon for both the great hand (feel) and for it shock absorbing qualities. Both Double Braid and Twisted dock lines are available in many colors to match and compliment your boat finish. Buccaneer dock lines can be made with different size eyes and with whip stitching on both the eye and bitter end. Multiple diameters from 3/8 inch up to 1 inch are available in any length required.

Dock lines are generally used in conjunction with spring lines to secure a boat to a dock. In is recommended that the diameter of the dock line be determined by the length of the boat ( up to 25 foot boat/3/8 in diameter dock line, 25 to 35 foot/ ½ diameter dock line, 35 to 45 foot/ 5/8 in diameter). However, some boaters prefer a larger than recommended diameter because they feel more secure or enjoy the larger diameter when handling the dock line. Whatever size or color dock line you choose will be the correct choice if it is the Buccaneer brand.

Dock Line Types

Twisted Dock Lines

The 3-strand twisted dock line is available in several lengths and sizes and comes in 3 popular colors.

Double Braided Dock Lines

The double braided dock line is available in several lengths and sizes and comes in 10 popular colors.

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