Buccaneer Rope Provides Strength and Stability With a Bit of a Twist.

Buccaneer Rope Company started in the early 70’s with a father and son in a 3-car garage. In 1975 the company moved to Clearwater, FL where the company really began to grow and expand. Over the next 23 years Buccaneer Rope grew to the point of needing a larger facility. In 1998 Buccaneer Rope moved to Scottsboro, Alabama and has since evolved into a substantial state of the art manufacturing facility, now serving the rope and cordage industry for close to 45 years.

We currently service both foreign and domestic markets. These include but are not limited to pleasure and commercial marine, arborist, safety, construction, oceanographic, government, utility, theatrical, netting, sports, and many specialty markets.

Our main product line includes:

  • 3 Strand Twisted Rope
  • 8 Strand Plaited Rope
  • 12 Strand Rope
  • 16 STrand Rope
  • Double Braid Rope


Each product construction is comprised of different fiber properties, lays and twists enhancing the performance and quality of the rope as well as expanding our abilities to provide a variety of specific applications. Always focused on excellence, we received our ISO 9001-2008 in January 2013.

We pioneered the development of specialized factory equipment to meet the ever-increasing high production, quality and safety standards, while at the same time holding plant costs down. Several of our machines and processes have been patented and these unique innovations assure consistent length and strength for each strand, resulting in a balanced and safer rope product.This efficiency explains our ability to provide a valued product with superior quality and short lead times, at lower prices.

Our primary success comes from understanding that complete satisfaction requires more than just an excellent product at a competitive price. Our customers have come to depend on us for:

  • Reliable shipments
  • Innovative solutions to difficult problems and special needs
  • Outstanding service


In addition to our standard line of ropes and cordage for diverse applications, we specialize in custom-design and manufacture rope solutions for your specific needs.

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