Government 8-Strand Champion

Halyards, Jib Lines, Control Lines.


Champion is made from 100% filament polyester fiber combining qualities ideal for high strength and low stretch applications. This rope is highly resistant to common acids and alkalies, as well as resistance to sunlight exposure. This rope meets MIL-R-24730.

The 8 Plait rope was originally designed in Europe. This rope can be made with nylon or polyester fiber.

The Buccaneer 8 plait rope has many applications where a balanced rope is desired. This means the rope will not rotate under load. Buccaneer Rope manufacturers the 8 plait rope for the United States Navy, electrical contractors, windlass manufacturers, sky lift operations as well as many commercial applications, and distributors. We have made various colors of 8 plait rope used for dock lines on mega yachts in Florida as well as Europe.

Diameters of the 8 plait rope range from 3/8” to 4” diameter. The larger 4” diameter 8 plait rope is made with polyester and used on tug boats that move big ship in and out of harbors. The same size rope made of nylon is used to tow barges in the ocean. The smaller 8 plait rope is used in some commercial fishing or electrical conductor stringing.

8 Strand plaited rope is available in nylon, polyester, and Type 77 polyester. Diameters up to 2-1/2″ and in long lengths. 8 plaited rope may be the best choice for your next lifting, anchoring or special application project.

Normally manufactured in solid white, 8 plaited ropes can also be manufactured with a color marker or even a solid color if needed

Our 8 plaited ropes have been used for weather buoys, tug boats, decorative, and netting.

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