Arborist Power Pull Eye Slings

Designed for Pulling.

Power Pull Eye Slings

Power Pull slings are made with a six-inch eye.

Power Pull is double braid rope manufactured from 100% Polyester and impregnated with Buccaneer Power Coating for abrasion resistance and to repel dirt and grime (enemies of fiber rope). Designed for Pulling, this balanced rope remains flexible, round and will not rotate under load.

Buccaneer coating is also key to the size and strength of Power Pull Bull Rope

Eye Sling Specifications

DiameterCircumferenceTensile Strength LbsLbs. Per 100'

Available Colors

1/2" Yellow Coating
9/16" Blue Coating
5/8" Orange Coating
3/4" Green Coating

Add a few of these versatile slings to your work bag today.

Rope Safety Considerations

New Rope Tensile Strengths: New rope tensile strengths are based on tests in accordance with ASTM Test Method D-4268 on new and unused rope in laboratory condition. Working Loads: Working loads are for rope in good condition with approximate splices, in non-critical applications, under normal service conditions. Working loads should be exceeded only with expert knowledge of conditions and professional estimates of risk.

Working loads: should be reduced where life, limb, or valuable property are involved, or for exceptional service conditions such as shock loads, sustained loads, etc.

The Cordage Institute specifies that the Safe Working Load of rope shall be determined by dividing the Minimum Tensile Strength by the Safety Factor. Safety factors range from 5 to 12 for non-critical uses.

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